Different Types of Salon Furniture

Different Types of Salon Furniture

All salons need furniture to complete the look and feel. There are basic types of salon furniture that will help give your salon a timeless and elegant design.

Salon chairs

They provide comfort for your clients and allow for quick movement around the room. Choose from many different styles, designs, and colors to make sure they match your interior design perfectly.

High back chairs

They support clients allowing them to sit back and relax while getting their hair styled. These chairs often come with many adjustable features such as reclining backs or even footrests.


Stools give clients all the comfort they need when getting their hair cut or styled and look very stylish with their designs.
Chaise longue chairs

They give clients the ultimate comfort and relaxation during their visit, allowing them to stretch out on the comfy chaise longue while having their hair styled.

Basic Modern Style Chairs

This style of chair is sleek and stylish. The backrest comes with no unnecessary features such as armrests or footrests, allowing you to make the most out of the small amount of space they take up in your salon.

Swivel chairs

They allow stylists to pivot around the chair easily, giving them more freedom when styling hair. They help create a spacious atmosphere with plenty of movement.

Styling chairs

They provide clients with maximum comfort during their visit to your salon, allowing them to sit back and relax while you style their hair. The high backrest provides the perfect support and allows you to work at different angles around the chair without disturbing your client.

Vanity units

A salon is nothing without a long, sleek, and stylish vanity unit. It holds all of your products and tools and provides the perfect backdrop to beautifully designed hair.