Benefits of Stainless Steel for Salon Furniture

When purchasing salon furniture, most salon owners focus on design, style, and beauty. While this is all well and good, you also need to consider functionality, convenience, and durability. What good is a pretty salon chair if it cannot survive some dampness or has to be replaced every other month? Stainless steel is not a conventional choice for salon furniture but could it be just what you need?

Stainless steel is often shunned in the beauty world for being cold and uninviting. However, the beauty of this material is that it blends perfectly with other materials and can be customized to create any look you want. If you are looking for a more elegant and masculine touch, you can buy stainless steel salon chairs with leather paddings. You can also use fabric and mesh.
By itself, stainless steel has a neutral tone that gives you room to accessorize with color. You can also just enjoy the high luster and shiny finish of the smooth steel surfaces. The possibilities are endless!

Easy to Clean
A salon is a very busy place and hair gels, lotions, chemicals, and dyes are always flying around. This means that it is very easy for furniture to get stained or even ruined. For example, if the chairs by your sinks are made of wood, they can retain moisture and, over time, begin to rot. Laminate surfaces exposed to hair chemicals can also discolor. Stainless steel is immune to all these problems because it is very easy to clean and does not react negatively to humidity.

High Resistance
Lastly, stainless steel can be a great option for your salon furniture material if you have a high-traffic space. Unlike wood and fabric, it is highly durable and not subject to normal wear and tear. This means that it will still be standing after years of being bumped into, burned, toppled over, and so forth.